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the city sleeps and we're lost in the moment

25 January 1989

in short.

girl. 26. mexican. advertising. designer. photographer. drama queen. hopelessly romantic. good listener. good friend. girly. artistic. music lover. fashion lover. movies lover.

fan. harry potter. anime/manga. movies. tv shows. korean dramas. kpop.

some rules.

xx Do not hotlink. You must use your own image hosting service. There are free image hosting services such as Imageshack.us
xx Do not modify. I may not be satisfied with some of my graphics but that doesn't mean that you can change them.
xx Do not steal. Please don't take them graphics and claim them as yours; that takes me to the other rule:
xx You must credit. If your going to use any of the graphics please credit luna_ann
xx Your comments are always very welcome.

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